The Borough maintains this blog as an effort to coordinate and co-locate responding agencies' information for easier public access during events on the Kenai Peninsula. The information here is written and provided by the agencies themselves. NOTE: The blog will be updated as the need arises.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

High Wind Warning and Flood Watch UPDATE

High wind warning remains in effect from 10:00PM Tuesday (09/20/16) to 4:00PM Wednesday (09/21/16) through Portage Valley and Turnagain Arm.

Flood watch remains in effect Tuesday evening through Thursday morning (09/20-22/16) in the Seward area. The latest weather updates can be found at

Residents are encouraged to store or tie down loose items. River property owners should secure or remove boats and docking. Have you updated your 72-Hour Go Kit? Check off the list of supplies and personal items at

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KNWF - Fire Safety is Key this Holiday Weekend

CONTACT:  Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
TELEPHONE:  (907) 262-7021

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, a fire was reported in the Funny River/Moose Ridge Road area. State Forestry and CES responded and discovered a small holdover fire from the 2014 Funny River Fire smoldering in the organic layer a few inches below the surface.  A similar fire, believed to have rekindled from the 2015 Card Street Fire, was extinguished recently as well.

“Local fire danger indices have been in the high to very high range recently,” said Alaska Southern Refuges Fire Management Officer Kristi Bulock, “This, coupled with very little moisture over the past two winters is allowing fire to continue to smolder in the duff and peat.”

Current drying conditions combined with warm temperatures and increased outdoor activities are cause for caution.  As you are out and about this weekend, please be very careful with activities that may involve fire.  Follow all guidelines for fully extinguishing campfires before leaving.  Campfires that are fully out are not smoldering, have been treated with plenty of water and are cool to the touch.  If you discover an area of heat, smell smoke, see an unattended fire or otherwise believe there is another rekindled fire, report this immediately to State Forestry (260-4100 or 9-1-1).

More fire safety information is available on the Refuge Facebook page at and on the Alaska Interagency Fire Coordination Center’s website athttp://fire.ak.blm.govFor additional information, please contact the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge office during regular business hours at (907) 262-7021.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Current Blog Status

The agencies that post to this blog and the viewers that promote it are the key to distributing accurate, timely information during an emergency. This blog will be updated when the need arises. Thank you.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Alaska Shield 2016 Exercises are Completed for the Kenai Peninsula Borough

The Borough wrapped up the Alaska Shield 2016 exercise modules today. Module #4 was a collective tabletop exercise to evaluate the Borough's Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) for the purchasing, legal and mayor’s departments. This exercise was formatted as a tabletop and held at the borough administrative building.

Module #5 involved personnel from the Borough's finance department that were tasked with temporarily relocating to the Skyview Middle School in Soldotna. In the event of a real emergency that prohibited access to workstations, they would activate the finance department’s COOP. Staffs’ objective was to set up primary functions such as generating payroll or producing accounts payables using limited technical support and supplies.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Borough Wide Response to Alaska Shield Exercise #3

City, Borough and State agencies completed exercise three in a cadre of modules that have been scheduled for today and tomorrow as part of the statewide exercise Alaska Shield 2016.

A safety orientation kicked off the active shooter exercise at 4:00PM this afternoon in assembly chambers. Approximately 25 Borough and School District staff were voluntary participants that safely observed the exercise behind glass doors. The exercise started after the Borough Administrative Building was closed and cleared. Emergency services and law enforcement agencies engaged in exercise response training and tactics. The venue also provided an opportunity for observing staff to understand what may happen and how to respond in a real intrusion.

Prior to the exercise, A.L.I.C.E. training was provided to Borough and School District staff. For more information on this training visit the A.L.I.C.E. website.

The overarching benefit of participating in a multi-agency exercise is to practice core capabilities while functioning in a unified fashion. Knowing how to work together during emergency response continues to benefit citizens on the Kenai Peninsula.

Participating agencies included: Office of Emergency Management, School District, Soldotna Police, Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Army National Guard, Alaska Division of Homeland Security, Soldotna Public Safety Communications Center, Central Emergency Services, Call Center Volunteer Operators, Community Emergency Response Team members as well as information officers from the Kenai Fire, Nikiski Fire, School District and Borough.