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Thursday, September 24, 2020

09/24/20: Working on the grant application today?

Application period closes this Friday at 5PM. The Borough CARES Act Relief Fund grant is open to small businesses and nonprofits in KPB unincorporated communities, commercial fisheries and big game permit holders. Make sure you're authorized to sign the application. For nonprofits, only the current board officers may apply as the authorized signatories

Have the following documents scanned and ready to upload:

IRS W-9 (see link below)
AK Business License OR fish/guide permit

Pick ONE of the following methods to prove your 2019 gross revenues:

Sales Tax Registration Number (TIP: this is the best way to verify your 2019 gross revenues)


IRS submitted forms such as Schedule C, E, 1120, 1065 (entities that don't collect sales tax)


Third-party, prepared financial statements (entities that don't collect sales tax or nonprofits)

IRS 990 (nonprofits cannot use the 990 postcard)

AK Corporate Entity Number and current biennial report (nonprofits)

TIP: You can use your phone to scan and upload documents. For more tips and what's required to apply or to finish your application... visit

PS: You can download a W-9 from the IRS official site at

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

09/23/20: The deadline is fast approaching...

Remember, the application period closes this Friday September 25, 2020 at 5:00PM. Apply today for the Kenai Peninsula Borough's CARES Act Relief Fund grant program. More information or apply online at

Need a little extra help? Call the Grants Division at 907-714-2153 before the application closes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

09/22/20: A Draft Stays A Draft Until You Hit Submit


The Kenai Peninsula Borough's CARES Act Relief Fund grant program is rapidly coming to a close; the application period closes this Friday at 5PM September 25th. As of tonight, there are 270 applications is draft form. NOTE: The review process starts after the applicant hits "submit." Take a moment to complete your application; verify that it’s complete and hit the SUBMIT button. -You're a few clicks away from review status.

For folks that have submitted an application, be sure to check your email and visit your online account to check the status of the application too. We may need more information. If so, the reviewer will give you access to the application so you may add the requested information. Apply at or give us a call – Grants Division 907-714-2153.

Monday, September 21, 2020

09/21/20 Getting more than one grant? No double dipping allowed...


09/21/20: The Borough's CARES Act Relief Fund grant program allows small businesses and nonprofits to apply for a grant regardless if you've applied for other state or federal assistance programs as a result of COVID-19 economic impacts.

Just remember to keep separate accounting and backup documentation for each grant that you receive... don't use the same bag of receipts for the different grants that you may receive.

Federal funds cannot be used to pay for the exact same cost or activity already paid for from another source of funding. This is sometimes referred to as duplication of benefits (DOB) or “double-dipping.” Entities using multiple funding sources should be aware of the different authorities and program requirements for each funding source, being careful to avoid DOB in instances where they are paying for similar costs or activities from multiple sources. If you're a small business or nonprofit located in an unincorporated community, visit to learn about the borough's grant program or to submit an application. You may also call the Grants Division at 907-714-2153.

Friday, September 18, 2020

09/18/20: Details Matter and So Does Matching Boxes

Be sure that your mailing address matches your mailing address on your SoAlaska Business License. The grant award check will be mailed to this address. Very Important! For program information and application visit