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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KNWF - Fire Safety is Key this Holiday Weekend

CONTACT:  Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
TELEPHONE:  (907) 262-7021

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, a fire was reported in the Funny River/Moose Ridge Road area. State Forestry and CES responded and discovered a small holdover fire from the 2014 Funny River Fire smoldering in the organic layer a few inches below the surface.  A similar fire, believed to have rekindled from the 2015 Card Street Fire, was extinguished recently as well.

“Local fire danger indices have been in the high to very high range recently,” said Alaska Southern Refuges Fire Management Officer Kristi Bulock, “This, coupled with very little moisture over the past two winters is allowing fire to continue to smolder in the duff and peat.”

Current drying conditions combined with warm temperatures and increased outdoor activities are cause for caution.  As you are out and about this weekend, please be very careful with activities that may involve fire.  Follow all guidelines for fully extinguishing campfires before leaving.  Campfires that are fully out are not smoldering, have been treated with plenty of water and are cool to the touch.  If you discover an area of heat, smell smoke, see an unattended fire or otherwise believe there is another rekindled fire, report this immediately to State Forestry (260-4100 or 9-1-1).

More fire safety information is available on the Refuge Facebook page at and on the Alaska Interagency Fire Coordination Center’s website athttp://fire.ak.blm.govFor additional information, please contact the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge office during regular business hours at (907) 262-7021.