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Friday, December 13, 2019

12/13/19 Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly approves emergency ordinance

KPB Emergency Manager Dan Nelson shares information regarding the emergency ordinance approved this afternoon by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly. The Assembly voted to  appropriate $280,000 for disaster response and repairs to infrastructure.

The Borough Incident Management Team has been demobilized as a result of the moderating weather conditions. The Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor conditions and repair work still being performed on roads and the Cottonwood Lane bridge. This will be the last post for the 2019 Winter Storm events unless conditions change.

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12/13/19 Special Assembly Meeting Approves Additional Disaster Response/Recovery Funds

Dorothy Drive, Anchor Point Alaska
A special Assembly meeting was held today to approve emergency funding and to extend the local disaster declaration issued by Mayor Charlie Pierce on December 6, 2019 as a result of the response and recovery efforts associated with the 2019 Winter Storms event.

On November 27, 2019, numerous areas of the Kenai Peninsula Borough sustained severe damage caused by an ongoing storm weather event including high winds, heavy snowfall, icy conditions, heavy rain and flooding. As a result, the storm caused large trees to fall as well as impacted many power lines causing the loss of backup power generation and power loss for several days in some areas.  Additionally, significant damage has occurred to borough-maintained roads, mostly in the South Kenai Peninsula area. The attached photos represent a couple of areas in Anchor Point, Diamond Ridge and Fritz Creek. Damage assessments continue throughout the peninsula.
Newman Court, Diamond Ridge Alaska

It is expected that significant expenses will be incurred in responding to this event and repairing damages to public infrastructure. The approved funds in the amount of $280,000 will enable the borough to respond to and immediately start repairing damages to borough-maintained roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Motorists are asked to use caution and adhere to construction or safety signage along roadways that have been impacted.
Spruce Circle Road, Anchor Point Alaska

The borough legislation can be viewed at

#BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms
Cottonwood Lane Bridge, Anchor Point Alaska

12/13/19 #6 Be Smart, Take Part PREPARE!

Gas stations on the Kenai Peninsula typically don’t have generator power to pump fuel during power outages. A good practice is to fill up your vehicle at the ½ mark level and always have an emergency supply kit in your rig year-round. Visit the helpful links on this page for more information.
#BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms

Thursday, December 12, 2019

12/12/19 #5 Be Smart, Take Part, PREPARE!

Do you have basic supplies at your workplace, in your vehicle as well as at home? Ask yourself: “What would I need for myself and my family if a winter storm prevented access to the grocery store or pharmacy for three days?” Start gathering your supplies today; visit the helpful links on this page.
#BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms

12/12/19 Daily Update: Functions and benefits of the IMT

Dil Uhlin is the IMT Operations Section Chief for the 2019 KPB Winter Storm events. Dil talks about the function and benefit of the Kenai Borough Incident Management Team (IMT) and how safety remains a top priority.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

12/11/19 #4 Be Smart, Take Part, PREPARE!

Do not attempt to use the BBQ grill, stove top or oven to heat your home during power outages. Generators should be used only outdoors and should be located at least 20 feet away from doors, windows and vents. For more tips on winter preparedness and safety visit the helpful links on this page. #BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms

12/11/19 Weather continues to moderate in many areas

Thankfully, weather conditions across the Borough continue to moderate from the higher wind and rain events over the past two weeks. The Borough Incident Management Team continues to monitor weather patterns, rainfall, river gauges, and road conditions across the Borough. 

Be safe out there! Keep a close eye on your local weather forecast as temperatures are fluctuating right now which can quickly change road conditions.  Be prepared in your home and business.

Location: South of Anchor Point near Blackwater Bend

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

12/10/19 #3 Be Smart, Take Part, PREPARE!

What if cellphones temporarily went off line? How would you communicate with your family if a disaster strikes? Make a plan so you’ll know how to contact one another and reconnect if separated. Visit the helpful links on this page and make your plan today. #BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms

12/10/19 Winter storms update: Information on the disaster declaration

KPB Emergency Manager Dan Nelson describes the benefits of a disaster declaration, and how that translates into meeting the needs in the community. Dan also provides a quick update on current events.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Two-Hour Delay Start for all KPBSD schools on Tuesday, 12/10/19

►ALERT: On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, all 42 Kenai Peninsula Borough School District schools will begin with a two-hour delay start due to a combination of road conditions, weather, power outages, flooding, and safety concerns.

·        Buses will run two-hours later than normal in the morning
·        Pre-K classes in the morning and afternoon session are cancelled on 12-10-19

If weather conditions warrant any full school closures, an additional announcement will be made about 7:00 AM.

Parents and guardians: if you decide to keep your child at home, the absence will be excused.
Everyone, please give yourself extra time on the roads, thank all the hard-working crews, and be safe.

  • Aurora Borealis Charter School
  • Chapman Elementary School
  • Connections Program
  • Cooper Landing School
  • Fireweed Academy
  • Homer Flex School
  • Homer High School
  • Homer Middle School
  • Hope School
  • Kachemak Selo School
  • Kaleidoscope School of Arts and Science
  • Kenai Alternative School
  • K-Beach Elementary School
  • Kenai Central High School
  • Kenai Middle School
  • Marathon School
  • McNeil Canyon Elementary School
  • Moose Pass Elementary School
  • Mountain View Elementary School
  • Nanwalek School
  • Nikiski Middle-High School
  • Nikiski North Star Elementary School
  • Nikolaevsk School
  • Ninilchik School
  • Paul Banks Elementary School
  • Port Graham School
  • Razdolna School
  • Redoubt Elementary School
  • River City Academy
  • Seward Elementary School
  • Seward High School
  • Seward Middle School
  • Skyview Middle School
  • Soldotna Elementary School
  • Soldotna High School
  • Soldotna Montessori Charter School
  • Sterling Elementary School
  • Susan B. English School
  • Tebughna School
  • Tustumena Elementary School
  • Voznesenka School
  • West Homer Elementary School

12/09/19 #2 Be Smart, Take Part, PREPARE!

KPB Alerts provides critical information during emergencies by making telephone calls, sending text messages, and posting on social media to residents in the affected area.  To receive alerts, register your mobile phone number(s) with your home address at NOTE: Landlines are automatically registered. #BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms

12/9/19 Afternoon Update: Rains impacting South Peninsula roads

KPB Emergency Manager Dan Nelson provides an afternoon update on conditions in the South, Central, and East Peninsula areas.

East End road in Homer, the Sterling Highway south of Anchor Point are experiencing road impacts from rains today.

Click here to watch this afternoon's video update.

12/9/19 Daily Update: High winds and rain across Borough; power outages continue

KPB Emergency Manager Dan Nelson shares today's update of high winds and rainfall continuing across the Kenai Peninsula Borough. Seward is expecting 1-2 inches of rain today, and heavy equipment is in place to monitor and take actions as necessary. HEA reports more than 3,400 meters without power at this time.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

12/08/19 #1 Be Smart, Take Part, PREPARE!

We Alaskans are a tough lot: wood stacked, stove stoked, generator fueled, food stored and other items gathered for winter preparedness. Don’t have a generator or wood stove? Visit the helpful links on this page for more tidbits on emergency plan and preparedness at home and with your loved ones. #BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms

12/8/19 Daily update: 2019 Winter Storms

KPB Emergency Manager Dan Nelson provides an update on the 2019 Winter Storms for Sunday, December 8, 2019. Click here to watch today's update.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

12/7/19 Rainfall continues in Seward: Heavy equipment mobilizing

KPB Emergency Manager Dan Nelson talks about current efforts underway as part of the 2019 KPB Winter Storm events. Video shows heavy equipment working in the Dieckgraeff Road area in Seward. Click on this link to watch the video: Visit for more tidbits. #BeSmartTakePartPREPARE! #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms

12/07/19 Series of Winter Storms Predicted for the Kenai Peninsula

The Office of Emergency Management continues to monitor a series of winter storms that are predicted to impact the borough. Residents and motorists are advised to prepare for icy conditions as these storms come through the Kenai Peninsula and over the Cook Inlet tonight. Expect gusty winds along the Turnagain Arm, which may create travel challenges. Snow melt followed by freezing rain often times poses unsafe conditions to property owners such as slick side roads, downed trees or heavier snow load on roofs. #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterStorms #BeSmartTakePartPREPARE!
For the complete weather forecast on the Kenai Peninsula Borough, visit

12/07/19 Are you “Alaska” ready for the predicted ice and rain that’s coming this weekend?

Dan Nelson, Emergency Manager, provides a brief update on the local disaster declaration and steps that borough personnel are taking to prepare for the possible impacts anticipated from the forecasted winter storm. Are you prepared? Visit for preparedness tips. #KenaiPeninsula #Alaska #WinterPreparedness
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