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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

07/07/15 2:30 pm Open Fires Restriction Lifted on Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Effective immediately, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is canceling the open fire restriction on all lands of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge due to recent weather which has reduced the ignition potential for wildfires.

The recent precipitation has dampened fire danger and wildfire activity has moderated on the Refuge but the fires currently burning are not out. The deeper layers of ground level fuels remain extremely dry, and it will take significant rain to extinguish fires.

Visitors are reminded to use caution with campfires and any ignition source that could spark a wildfire. You are responsible for the fires you start. Please follow these guidelines to extinguish your fire completely:
• Allow the wood to burn to ash if possible.
• Pour lots of water on the fire and drown all embers.
• Stir the wet ashes and embers with a shovel.
• Scrape any remaining logs to remove embers.
• Make sure everything is cold to the touch.
• If you do not have water, use dirt or sand and mix in with embers.
• Do not bury the fire as it will continue to smolder and may start a wildfire.
• Never leave a fire of any kind unattended.

For additional information, please contact the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge office during regular business hours at (907) 262-7021.

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