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Friday, April 3, 2020

4/03/2020 Studded Tire Deadline Temporarily Suspended

Studded Tire Deadline Temporarily Suspended 
Alaskans encouraged to use discretion

Joint Base Richardson-Elmendorf, Alaska – To ease the financial burden of Alaskans and to assist with preventing the spread of COVID-19, Governor Dunleavy suspended AS 28.35.155(a), the statute referencing the studded tire usage, until May 11. Though there is an inherent risk in conducting nonurgent business and transactions, auto-repair facilities are considered essential businesses and are permitted to remain open and provide studded tire removal services, if they choose.

“Protection of public health is critical at this time which is why it is necessary to abide by the issued health mandates,” said Commissioner Amanda Price, Department of Public Safety. “It is our hope to flatten the curve by keeping people in quarantine and not traveling for non-critical reasons. We will get through this together by looking for practical solutions to our current situations.”

“Studded snow tires cause additional wear and tear on paved roads, but we know there are significantly fewer Alaskans on the roads right now,” said Commissioner John MacKinnon, Department of Transportation & Public Facilities. “Alaskans are observing mandates restricting nonessential travel and they are staying home. We appreciate that the studded tire deadline is pushed back, this is one less thing for people to worry about at this time.”

The Departments of Public Safety and Transportation & Public Facilities would like to thank all Alaskans for their efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. We sincerely appreciate those that are following the health mandates and guidelines that have been issued.


A list of other statutes that are currently suspended can be found at

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