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Saturday, July 20, 2019

07/20/19 Views from Swan Lake Fire

07/20/19 9:00 pm #SwanLakeFire

Swan Lake firefighters have been camping closer to the fireline in what is referred to as spike camps. These camps offer limited resources, but reduce the drive time to where the crews are working. Fresh food boxes with fruit, veggies and meat are provided to the firefighters. They then prepare the meal after a days work on the fire. 

Support staff at Cooper Landing School spike camp
Watson Spike located at Lake Watson

Peterson spike camp at Peterson Campground

Fire activity is moderating on the Swan Lake Fire, and they are still busy "mopping up" 200 plus feet into the burn from the containment line. Mop-up is the term used to clean bush and trees from the fire perimeters edge and extinguish any hot spots. Mopping up along the fire perimeter reduces the possibility of the fire progressing across the containment line.

Kootenai Handcrew limbing trees 
Kootenai Handcrew clearing trails
Crews have been utilizing existing trails and natural barriers to manage the fire. This reduces the impact of on the land from suppression tactics.

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  1. So grateful to all the firefighters and their talents and wisdom and diligence to keep our community safe as possible! Bless all of you!


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