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Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/25/15 4:30pm Community Emergency Response Team Training in Soldotna

The Kenai Peninsula Borough, Office of Emergency Management is pleased to announce that the next Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) team training will be held beginning Monday July 13, through July 25 in Soldotna.  This 30 hour course  is designed to prepare residents that do not have prior emergency response background on basic skills to keep themselves, their families, and their neighbors prepared for, and safe during, an emergency such as fire, flood, earthquake, or other incident.

The course covers skills such as fire and utility control, disaster medical skills, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster preparedness.  Participants should expect a hands on course learning and practicing practical skills.  Sessions are taught be emergency management professionals and other first responders, and will provide a comprehensive overview of these skills.  CERT training is based on FEMA curriculum and is adapted for unique conditions found on the Kenai Peninsula.

At the conclusion of the training, participants have the opportunity to join their local CERT team to be called upon to assist first responders during emergency or disaster conditions.  CERT members have been used in the past to provide public information, staff telephone lines, perform evacuations, and many other functions.

Participants 13 and over are welcome in the class with parental consent.  All materials will be provided, and there is no cost or obligation for the class.  Classes will be held at the Emergency Response Center, 253 Wilson Ln., behind the Soldotna Police Department.  Class size is limited to 25 participants.  Please see the detailed schedule below.  To register for the class, visit our website at   For additional questions contact Dan Nelson at (907) 262-2098.

Course Schedule:
Monday July 13 6p - 9p: Welcome, Administration, Disaster Preparedness
Thursday July 14 6p - 9p: Fire/Utility Control
Friday July 17 6p - 9p:  Disaster Medical Part 1
Saturday July 18 9a - 5p: Disaster Medical Part 2, Light Search & Rescue
Monday July 20 6p - 9p: Team Organization
Thursday July 21 6p - 9p: Disaster Psychology
Friday July 24 6p - 9p: Terrorism Awareness/Exercises
Saturday July 25 9a - 1p: Disaster Simulation

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