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Saturday, June 22, 2019

6/22/19 Sign up for KPB Alerts now by phone


Contact:                                                                                                 22 June 2019

Phone: 262-info                                                                                                   0900
Sign up for KPB Alerts by mobile phone!

The Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) uses a variety of tools to keep the public informed in the event of an emergency or other urgent situation. KPB Alerts is one of the most important tools for distributing voice and text messages to Kenai Peninsula residents. The alerts are published on line as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

KPB Alerts automatically registers all landline phones within the Borough and can make hundreds of calls simultaneously, continuing until all the calls are complete. Typically, only the affected area will get a notification.  If a machine or voicemail answers, the system will leave a pre-recorded message. A text message may also be included for mobile phones.

While the system already has all landlines registered, those without landlines should submit their mobile phone numbers to KPB for inclusion. There is a text to enroll option available.  This provides mobile users the ability to text a specific keyword to SMS short code 99411 and receive an SMS response containing the Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) link.

How it works on a computer:
  • Visit to begin the process.
  • You will be asked for the name and address you wish to associate with the numbers you are submitting. The address must be within the Kenai Peninsula Borough.
  • Once your address is verified, you may add multiple phone numbers and indicate if those numbers can receive text messages.
  • When messages come, they will generally be a toll free number
How it works by mobile phone:
  •         Text kpb to 99411
  •      A link will be sent to you for enrollment. Click the link
  •      You will be asked to create an account
  •      Fill in all information and you’re done.

You can also follow the KPB Alerts account on Facebook and Twitter to view any alerts published by those services.

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