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Friday, June 28, 2019

6/28/19 2:00 PM The Swan Lake Fire Will Burn For Awhile

Great work has been done on the Swan Lake Fire to ensure it didn't harm homes or people in Sterling and didn't cross the Sterling Highway or damage the high transmission line. But it would be an error to look at "percent containment" as a measure of the team's success.

The objective has never been to contain 100% of the fire. Only about 28% is slated for containment. If that 28% is the "new" 100%, then 20% of it has been contained as of today and its all on the Sterling side. But that means much of the fire continue to burn and will be monitored and allowed to continue improving habitat, building a healthier forest and creating a safe fuel break for the future. The fire will eventually go out naturally or when adverse weather puts it out. Borough Emergency Manager Dan Nelson explains more.



  1. You should have been put the fire out when you had the chance, now the biggest population in the state is suffering from the poor air quality The timing is at the peak of the tourist season will leave a lasting negative impact.

  2. Also I'm confused becasue he is speaking about this fire as if it's out.

  3. The area they are allowing this burn to go is needed. They have done a fantastic job protecting the highway corridor and Sterling.


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