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Friday, March 20, 2020

03/20/20 City of Seldovia Declaration of Local Disaster Emergency COVID-19

WHEREAS, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC") has identified the COVID 
19 virus as a new strain of infectious coronavirus not previously identified in humans, causing respiratory disease that can result in serious illness or death and which poses a significant public health risk; and 
WHEREAS, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic related to COVID- 19; and 
WHEREAS, on March 11, 2020, Governor Mike Dunleavy declared a Public Health Disaster Emergency in the State of Alaska; and 
WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020, the State of Alaska recommended implementation of measures identified in the CDC's Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission, and 
WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declared a National Emergency; and 
WHEREAS, the first COVID-19 case was diagnosed in Anchorage, Alaska on March 12, 2020 with several more cases confirmed in Alaska in the following week; and 
WHEREAS, on March 16, 2020 the Kenai Peninsula Borough, acting under the statutory authority of AS 26.23.140 has declared a disaster emergency; and 
WHEREAS, the potential for community transmission of COVID-19 presents a clear and present threat to the health and safety of the people of Seldovia and the surrounding area, and 
WHEREAS, COVID-19 can cause death or injury of persons to such an extent that extraordinary measures must be taken to protect the public order, safety and welfare of Seldovia and its residents; and 
WHEREAS, the CDC has recommended that employees, and others implement policies such as remote work and cancellation of mass gatherings to increase the physical distance between individuals to prevent the spread of COVID-19; and 
WHEREAS, persons infected with COVID-19 may not show symptoms for a period of two to fourteen days; and 
WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020 Governor Mike Dunleavy issued a mandate that public school days between March 16th, 2020 and March 30th, 2020 be non-student contact days in which students will not be attending school and all after school activities will be suspended; and 
WHEREAS, on March 16th, 2020 Governor Mike Dunleavy issued a mandate that state-operated libraries, archives, ad museums be closed to the public from March 17, 2020 through March 31st, 2020 and residential school programs shall begin the process of returning students to their families and home communities, to be completed by Friday, March 274, 2020, and 
WHEREAS, on March 17, 2020 Governor Mike Dunleavy issued a mandate that until April 15, 2020 at 5 p.m., all bars, breweries, restaurants, food and beverage kiosks or trucks, and other establishments serving food or beverages within the State of Alaska shall be closed to the public dine-in service, and all entertainment facilities shall be closed to the public, including theaters, gyms and fitness centers, bowling alleys and bingo halls, and 
WHEREAS, on March 17th, 2020 Governor Mike Dunleavy issued a mandate with travel restrictions and guidance 
for travelers returning to the State of Alaska in the medium risk and higher risk groups; and 

WHEREAS, many public and private facilities, gatherings, and other events have been cancelled or postponed per mandate and in order to prevent the rapid transmission of COVID-19; and 
WHEREAS, these events have a significant impact on business, commerce, and the local economy now and potentially in the future as there in no projected date for a potential vaccine of other treatment for COVID-19; and 
WHEREAS, City Administration is requesting the public refrain from visiting city offices and city-owned buildings for non-emergency purposes and to instead use other forms of communication (telephone, email, or use of drop box outside the main doors to the City Offices, etc.) until further notice; and 
WHEREAS, the declared pandemic has the potential to negatively affect the economy of Seldovia and the State of Alaska; through the stoppages of work, the closing of businesses and schools, the decreased opportunity for visitor/tourist traffic, and potentially the decreased resources available to municipalities as they prepare, prevent, and respond to the pandemic; and 
WHEREAS, a declaration of disaster emergency will alert the public to the seriousness of the risk and provide direction to residents of sources of information and other available public health resources, and will allow the City of Seldovia to work in cooperation with other local, state, and federal agencies to implement appropriate actions and responses to address the COVID-19 outbreak; and 
WHEREAS, the City of Seldovia expects that the continued impact of COVID-19 will be of a severity and magnitude that is beyond the capacity of the City of ┼×eldovia financially, 
1.      In accordance with AS 26,23,140 the City Manager of the City of Seldovia does hereby declare a COVID-19 threat and impact to public health Emergency Disaster, with the intent to activate the response and recovery aspects of any and all applicable local or interjurisdictional disaster or emergency plans, and to authorize the furnishing of aid and assistance under those plans, 
2.      The City Manager is authorized to take necessary actions, in accordance with the City of Seldovia Emergency Operations Plan and all applicable local or interjurisdictional disaster or emergency plans, to prepare and position resources in order to reduce the impact and spread of COVID-19 throughout the City of Seldovia. 
3.     This declaration is effective for seven (7) days. The City Council of the City of Seldovia may act to ratify and extend the period of emergency.

For a PDF  Version of this release, please click here.

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