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Friday, March 27, 2020

03/27/20 KPB Alerts Phone and Text Notification Corrections

Our KPB alerts system sent out reminder calls and text messages about the new health mandates that the governor announced this evening. These mandates include orders to stay inside your home except if you work in an essential business or for essential personal errands, and not to travel between communities except for these same reasons. Our system allows only limited characters for texts and so sent out a short message that didn't include the exemption information. We sent out an additional text reading: "KPB Alerts follow up: Governor health mandate includes exemptions for critical errands and infrastructure. Visit for full text and details."

In addition, the voice message that some people received incorrectly stated that the mandates were in effect beginning 8am May 28, which should have said March 28. Because of the late hour, we stopped the phone calls and did not issue a correction. The full details can be found here:

My apologies for the unclear information and error in the phone message.
Dan Nelson
Incident Commander

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