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Thursday, September 12, 2019

9/12/19 - 8:30 PM - Swan Lake Fire Update

Skilak Lake Road was recently reopened from the west entrance in order to provide public access to the Lower Skilak boat launch. The remainder of the road, beyond the boat launch turnoff, remains closed to ensure public safety and allow fire crews to work safely.

Beyond the boat launch turnoff, crews are patrolling the road to identify hot spots and other safety concerns. After the Swan Lake Fire passed through this area, many burned hazard trees or “snags” where left behind. Shallow root systems cause these dead trees fall over easily, often with very little wind, and present a real danger to whoever is in the area.

These mitigation and fire suppression efforts involve fire crews continuously working and using heavy equipment along Skilak Lake Road to remove hazard trees adjacent to the road in preparation for the eventual reopening. #SwanLakeFire

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