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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

08/13/19 Trail Lake Fire Update

Dry Conditions Fuel Unplanned Wildfire

Anchorage, AK—August 13, 2019 —The Chugach National Forest fire danger status is very high over most the forest. Over the weekend a fire (Trail Lake Fire) broke out at mile marker 27 of the Seward Highway on Kenai Peninsula borough land. Firefighters from University of Alaska at Fairbanks, Nanook Firefighting Crew, were called to assist. Smoke jumpers were engaged and a 20 person fire crew is mopping up, utilizing water and hand tools to extinguish any remaining heat sources. The low smoke fire was approximately three acres in size and is now contained.
Ninety-nine percent of all wildland fires on that occur on the Chugach National Forest are caused by humans. Everyone plays a role in preventing human-caused fires. Campfires left unattended could potentially result in an unplanned wild fire ignition which could threaten public safety and fire fighters. Extinguish all campfires completely before leaving the area - fires should never be left unattended.
Please use these guidelines to extinguish campfires:
  • Allow the campfire to completely burn to ash, if possible
  • Drown all embers, using lots of water, until the fire no longer hisses
  • Stir the ash and water with a shovel, stick, or other tool
  • Scrape any remaining logs to remove possible embers
  • Make sure everything is cold to the touch
  • If water is not available, mix sand or wet dirt into the fire pit
  • Do not bury the fire - it will continue to smolder and may ignite roots and duff below the surface
    Current Fire Danger level and fire restrictions can be found on the Chugach National Forest website. To report a wildland fire in Alaska call 1-800-237-3633.
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