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Monday, August 5, 2019

08/05/19 Swan Lake Fire smoke still visible during warm days

Swan Lake Fire remains at 102,229 acres, not growing in size since July 22nd. Warm, sunny weather will increase activity within the fire perimeter, burning pockets of previously unburned fuels, meaning smoke may be visible from Sterling Highway. 

Smoke from Swan Lake Fire interior as seen from the air. 8/3/19
photo credit: Amber Kraxberger-Linson

Wildfires in Alaska burn in a mosaic pattern, leaving wetlands and fire-resistant fuels like hardwoods unburned. This is true of Swan Lake Fire. This photo from August 3rd shows both a mosaic pattern where the fire burned around a stand of deciduous trees and a few smoking areas higher into the Mystery Hills.

Swan Lake Fire mosaic scar looking east towards the Mystery Hills in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. 8/3/19
photo credit: Amber Kraxberger-Linson
The Fire is currently being managed by a Type 3 Wildland Fire Organization.

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