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Monday, August 26, 2019

08/26/19 7:00AM Flood Advisory Update: Snow River, Kenai Lake and the Kenai River from Cooper Landing to Skilak Lake

The National Weather Service has extended the flood advisory for the Kenai Lake through Cooper Landing only. The advisory for Snow River has been canceled. Water levels at both the Snow River and Cooper Landing gauges are falling. The Kenai River below Skilak Lake and at Kenai Keys expect to crest well below action stage sometime late tonight or in the early hours of Monday.

To View the Gauge in Real Time:
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The Snow Glacier Dam has been releasing as of August 21, 2019. A glacier dam release, Also known as a jökulhlaup (pronounced yokel-lop; literally "glacial run") describes a sudden water release from a glacier or glacier-dammed lake. They occur on glaciers around the world and vary immensely in side. They generally recur at intervals ranging from less than a year to several years.

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