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Thursday, August 29, 2019

8/29/19 2:45 pm Sterling Highway Placard Explanation

A new transportation plan has been designed in an effort to clear up some discrepancies and changes.  DOT is working to implement these changes sometime Friday, to assist with the Labor Day weekend traffic.  

Where will I be stopped - There are checkpoints at mile 40, mile 53 and mile 71.   Those vehicles coming from the east (Anchorage or Seward), will be stopped at mile 40 to wait for a pilot car.  That wait time will depend on the line when you arrive – it could be 40 minutes or it could be several hours.  

Getting a placard - The placards discussed at the Cooper Landing meeting are only for those who have cabins or homes in Cooper Landing, regardless of where they live full time. Unfortunately, there is no way to email or send the placard to anyone. People must get to Cooper Landing at least once (waiting in line like everyone else), and then go get one at the Cooper Landing Volunteer Fire Department.  Someone will be there until 5 pm today (Thursday).

Those with placards – Once you have a placard, there will be instructions along the highway telling you how to use them and what to do.  These instructions will be very visible and very obvious. Those who are in line and haven’t seen the instructions, will have to remain in line until they get to the spot where the instructions are posted.

Using your placard - If you get to mile 40 and you HAVE a placard, look for the instructions posted along the highway. These instructions will be obvious and visible and will tell those with placards what to do to get into Cooper Landing; you will be allowed access ONLY to Cooper Landing.  

There is no access at mile 70 to get to Cooper Landing, even if you have a placard.  No one will be allowed between mile 70 and mile 53 without a pilot car.

Driving further west - If you wish to go west toward Soldotna, there is another checkpoint at mile 53 which you may not pass without a pilot car. If you are in Cooper Landing already and want to go west toward Soldotna, you can go to the mile 53 checkpoint and wait until the next pilot car comes by leading vehicles west and join the line. If you are in the mile 40 checkpoint line, and do not have a placard, you must wait in line for your turn to follow the pilot car.

Feel free to call the Borough call center at 262-INFO (4636) if you still have questions.

The map shown here is the latest plan.  The yellow part of the highway between mile 40 and mile 53, is the only area where you may go with a placard.
For a PDF of the map to email or print, click here:

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